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Giorgio Armani brings back the garçonne look

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
By Tanya T. Lara | 37 Views

It was the decade when women began wearing trousers and literally got out of corsets and started wearing more comfortable clothes.

For its fall-winter collection, Giorgio Armani revisits the era when women were first allowed to vote and enter the workforce. Armani’s collection is “Garçonne,” or what the French called flapper fashion back then because of its boyish look.

Armani’s take is a black and white palette that has very feminine features, simple cuts and also some intricate details. “It’s a way of living, and interpreting femininity — the kind of independent spirit that ignores conformism and all that is commonplace,” says the fashion house. “It’s an autonomous way of dressing and mixing pieces, a personal attitude to pairing accessories that define a particular style and character.”

Avant-garde at that time and totally nostalgic today, Garçonne features jeweled jackets, trousers and skirts-cum-Bermuda shorts, hip-hugging skirts with splashes of white here and there — the exquisite detail of a blouse peeking out of an overcoat — and paired with lacquered black shoes and accessories.

Berets in woven velvet are worn with flourish, black suspenders over comfortable white blouses, both for daywear and evening.

The finale dress takes suspenders and spins it in a totally feminine fashion with metallic “straps” connected from one suspender to the other and worn with mesh gloves. 

Yet, even as the era symbolized simplicity and comfort, femininity is never far behind in Armani’s collection. Several dresses have gorgeous and intricate beading, another has oversized bows on the front.

They are worn with an attitude, a boyish-I’m-beautiful-and-I-know-it charm that was sexy then as it is now.

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